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Price List

 rate 2020

Can't wait for your answer? Send an instant message and get an answer within hours.


20 min consultation

Twenty minutes for you with Alban speaking about your project , the design, the time and price and everything concerning your futur tattoo.
Meet Alban with your documents , sketches , ideas.



This is the amount you might have to give to book the time for the tattoo. It's discounted from the final price. It insure you that your time is booked and insure Alban that you show up ;)


Less than 3 hours tattoos

This is the average price for your tattoo designs from small to medium size ( around 15x15cm) that take less than three hours.


Day's sessions

This is price for designs that need more than three hours for exemple half sleeves , sleeves , full back, full legs ect...

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