....But it's ok. (about pain part II)

So, I was very very negative in the last post let's bring sunshine into all that pain and fear now.

Where should I or not ? (part II)

If you remember we were closer and looking at the different spots and how it feels . Now here comes the least painful area to get a tattoo :

- Forearm noadays most of the tattoos come to this area . It's nice looking and not that painful.

-Outer shoulder, outer biceps, as I'm used to say, those part are holidays, you can get a tattoo on that spot blindfolded.

-Calves, the amount of muscle here is enough not to feel too bad while getting your

favourite design here. But be careful don't go to high cause there's only one step the

back of the knee and you'll have some surprising sensation there ( check the previous

post to know more).

Here are (again) some tattoo pain chart where you can figure out where you should get your next tattoo.

How does it feel ?

Now let's talk and describe the feeling it self. There's a lot of «expressions» to qualify this sensation. For me it's just like a f**king cat that walk its claw on a sunburn, but let's be less poetic right ? Here's a list of the different sensation we have while we are under the artist's needle :

-The most common sensation is Scratching pain, it feels like its name tells, like a scratching, like claw, thorns or else were dragged across the tattoo spot.

-Burning pain : it's just like someone was pressing something very hot on the skin for a certain amount of time. It occurs while your artist has spent a long time working and also if the area is a little « fatty».

- Stinging pain, just like if you had kicked in a hive and its tenants were angry and let you know it ! The feeling is quite intense and you'd like to run away from it, so the image of the angry bees were good, right ?

- Where only the bones are is the Vibrating pain, it could be very intense . Or as for most of my customers just tickle, yeah really, I had laughin customers ! Thanks to my huge experience ;) !

How to avoid pain ?

As there is no magic to avoid totally the pain here are some advice to at least lower it a little :

-Sleep well, if you're tired you will not endure the feeling for a long time

-Eat well, your organism will deliver a lot of effort while getting a tattoo it will need energy. On the other hand don't ea before a tattoo session on the stomach, you'll guess why ;)

-Maybe have some painkiller like ibuprofene but neither aspirin nor paracetamol because they thin the blood.

-You can also have some herbals tea to relax because stress could kill you know.

-Myself I used to take pills like Valerian sometime so much because of stress that my mind was foggy lol.

-Bring friend or familly with you but sometimes it's also the worst idea you'll have.

Conclusion :

No matter the pain or else , if you want a tattoo go on ! Have fun ! The tattoo worth the pain, if your artist is good and very experienced you would not regret it!


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