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Of course it hurts...(about pain part I)

When time has come to get a tattoo first question that step in our mind is: « does it hurts ?». When I tend to answer « F**k yeah ! » the reality is totally different, and the answer is less simple than it seems. While tattooing process is piercing the skin with needles to insert ink in it, the feel is, usually, more or less painful. But that feeling varies a lot depending on a bunch of conditions, that's why, how we feel during the act of tattooing is different for each of us. What's is coming next is a sort of explanation, a gathering of condition to guide you and explain the « Tattoo Pain », but not based on any scientific evidence, why? Because they don't exist! So the following are just anecdotal informations.

Here is the global idea:

-Thick skin, most fat, less nerves ending = Yeah ! It's cool !

-Thin skin, less fat, bones, plenty of nerves ending = Omg ! Ouch !

But also can be added to the count, tattoo placement, artist experiment, set ups and maybe his roughness ( yeah there are butchers!), style of the tattoo, sex, age, state of mind, stress, slept well or not, even women's « periods » would affect the feeling in a positive or negative way, during a tattoo session. Here are some tattoo pain charts where you can figure out where you should get your next tattoo.